Who We Are


Black Belts should be allowed to continue the hard work of their youth and teens into college.

There should be a place for Martial Arts in Collegiate Sports.

Black Belts have character values and leadership skills that are essential to keeping America strong.

The opportunity for an education is essential to the pursuit of one's dreams.

Champions Education Fund is committed to seeing these dreams become reality.

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Our Mission

Champions Education Fund is raising money to give to you, so that you can pursue your dreams. Winners at US Open Taekwondo Hanmadang and other designated tournaments will receive educational prize money.

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The more you give the more we can give.

Champions Education Fund is changing the future of our young Martial Art leaders by impacting them financially today. We want to educate every family member in America of the values and benefits of training in Martial Art. Champions Education Fund is committed to raising a large fund that will significantly impact thousands for generations to come.


Executive Director
For over 40 years Master Fuechsel’s dedication to the Martial Art has ranged from moving to Korea for Black Belt training, full time Dojang owner and instructor and appointed to multiple boards for the government and development of Taekwondo. His early passion for bringing money to Champions began with putting Taekwondo on television with “PRO-TKD” and now with Champions Education Fund.
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Leadership Team
Jenah Fuechsel was born into a Taekwondo family, spending her formative years in Colorado Springs going between the Olympic Training Center and US Taekwondo Center with her father, Grand Master Doug Fuechsel. She grew up being involved in Taekwondo's Olympic Debut, PRO-TKD's television debut and now looking forward to being apart of Taekwondo's educational scholarship debut. She brings to the team her talents in event planning, hospitality, administrative and social media experience.
Leadership Team
Master Piller brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our Leadership team. With more than 4 decades of training and teaching of the martial arts around the globe, Master Piller's experience encompasses Traditional Martial Arts, Defensive Tactics and Martial Art organization leadership. During his daily worklife he has the title of Mission Critical Support Manager, which describes exactly what he will bring to support Champions Education Fund.
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Leadership Team
Champions Education fund is fortunate to have the perspective of Mr. Kapustka on our team. Mr. Kapustka represents the character and leadership qualities that training in Martial Art produces. Add to this his Love of the game and you have a winning combination. Mr. Kapustka lives and embodies the qualities that Champions Education Fund is wanting to bring recognition to and reward. We look forward to his contribution in building this Fund.
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Champions Education Fund will be guided by and held accountable to the standards of Truth, Wisdom, Righteousness, Respect, Honor, Discipline and Integrity.

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Champions Education Fund is a charity of GAP INTERNATIONAL INC. a 501C3 tax-exempt organization