The gift of education is a great opportunity to impact your community. Together a dream becomes reality.

Fundraising Event


Champions Education Fund is offering a Nationwide challenge to all Martial Art Schools



To raise educational prize money to be awarded in 4 Divisions at US Open Taekwondo Hanmadang Championships.



Demonstration Team

Power Breaking

Creative Form

Creative Forms with Weapons

Lana demo team
Breaking Tim
frontkick girl creative form
girl staff creative weapons

As the fund grows prize money will be given to other divisions

Value for Your School


How Your School Participates in the Challenge:

  1. School owners educate members and families that Champions Education Fund is raising educational prize money.
  2. The Top 5 Schools that donate the most will receive:
    •  20% of the funds raised above $150,000 for 529 educational scholarships at their Schools.
    • Community recognition that the students of your School have opportunities to win money for educational needs.
    • Champions Education Fund will issue Press Releases on your behalf, in your community and to public and private schools, notifying them that your school has this benefit for your students.
    • The use of Champions Education Fund for the purposes of marketing to your community in a new way;
      • In school demonstrations.
      • Demo Team tryouts to join teams that will be eligible to win educational money.
    • CEF will be adding a roster of all participating schools for the public to search. Your website can be linked to our website for ease of communication.

School Instructors

The "Do You Believe" poster may be printed and used to easily communicate to students and families the Objectives for building the Champions Education Fund

Challenge Rules

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Sign up and Donate as an
Organization or Individual

When signing up be sure to add your school’s name. This is how we will track entries for the top 5 winners.

The Next Martial Art School Challenge Coming Soon!

Sign up and support America's future leaders, one kick at a time!