The gift of education is a great opportunity to impact your community

Champions Education Fund



We believe in the value and benefits of training in Martial Art

We believe in the character and leadership that Martial Art produces

We want to honor what we believe by funding America's future leaders in their educational dreams

We Are Asking You To Join With Us 

All Donations are 501C3 tax-exempt contributions.

Your donations are tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. Law.

It takes every raindrop to become an ocean


Education is Expensive!

Contributing to the fund in these ways will help us impact lives

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Currently 12 million people practice Martial Art.

1% of this number giving $10 monthly would be a 14 Million dollar impact on the Martial Art Community.


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Make a one time gift

Every donation matters. We greatly appreciate your support at any level.

Become a monthly supporter

If every person reading this became a monthly giver, we could quickly expand and start giving awards at additional State and National Tournaments.


Become a foundational giver

We need significant help to build both the Fund for giving prize money and for basic administrative purposes. Below are some giving options for larger contributions.

Initiate a fundraiser

Start your own fundraiser or Kick-A-Thon. For more details email


Giving Options For Larger Contributions

Black Belt

Foundation Builders


3rd Dan Black Belt



Master Black Belt

Tournament Sponsor

for 3 years

Grand Master Black Belt

Awards Named by you

$1 million
for 5 years

Benefits to the the Martial Art Community

With your help, Champions Education Fund will be able to award hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in educational prize money.

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  • Martial Art schools will have the added incentive for enrollment and recruitment by having educational prize money opportunities.
  • High School black belts will no longer leave training to secure financial aid for higher education.
  • Students will remain in training longer, giving more opportunity to mentor them to higher leadership levels.
  • Students will stay and train longer having the opportunity to win educational prize money at State and National tournaments.
  • Soon television, universities and employers will be attracted to Martial Artists and their skills.

The World's Best on CBS highlighting the Kukkiwon Demonstration Team, shows that Martial Art is increasing in it's popularity.

This identifies Martial Art as a good investment.