With Your Generous Donations, Champions Education Fund hopes to award prize money at the National Hanmadang Competitions. We will be focusing on National level Tournaments. As funds grow, future tournaments will include state and regional Hanmadangs.

Champions Education Fund is the Official Charity of the US Open Taekwondo Hanmadang Championships

Eligible Divisions

tigers demo

Demonstration Team

The Team is awarded a set amount to be decided by the team how it  will be used.

Power Breaking 1

Power Breaking

Individual prize

red frontkick creative form

Creative Form

Individual prize

Boy staff creative weapons

Creative Weapons

Individual prize

Why is Champions Education Fund awarding these specific divisions?

Level playing field for all ages,
belt levels and styles

Future goal of these divisions representing Collegiate Martial Art induction for College Scholarships.

First you sign up for the Hanmadang, then train hard
and go win your division.

HANMADANG is a Martial Art Celebration of
everything but Sparring.

Champions Education Fund has partnered with Hanmadang tournaments in the U.S. for the purposes of awarding educational money to winners.

What is the Hanmadang?

baby tkd
Older participants

Simply put, a Hanmadang tournament is all aspects of Martial Art except Sparring.The Hanmadang style of tournament represents about 90% of the training population of Martial Artists.

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Other Ways to Recieve Money

Besides competing and winning prize money we will be having other options for receiving money that you will need to keep in touch with us to learn more about: Join our email list for future updates

National Fundraiser
with Martial art challenge

Learn More

Tournament Drawings

Transfer of Beneficiary

Additional Information

Winners in their respective categories that receive funds, are considered beneficiaries of the awarded money. Champions Education Fund will be disbursing the money in accordance with the guidelines of a 529 Plan.

Age To Date Of Birth For Receiving Money:

  1. Upon winning, contact Champions Education Fund at and let us know your name, age and contact information.
  2. Decide if you are going to claim the money for yourself or give it to another.
    • Example: David Oscar wins $500 in Power Breaking. David is 50 years old and will not be returning to school. He names his daughter as the beneficiary. Sally Oscar is the beneficiary of $500.
  3. Decide if you will be claiming the money in less than one year or wait to claim it in the future.
    • Example: Mary Jones wins $500 in Creative Weapons. She is named as a beneficiary for $500. Mary is 12 and has plans for college so she leaves it till she's 18.
  4. Anyone with an existing 529 Plan will have the option to transfer their winnings to their personal account.


The 529 Plan is an IRS code that offers certain tax advantages with money earmarked for education. An accountant or online information can explain all the benefits.