Master Piller

My martial arts journey started as an energetic and troublesome youth. When I began my training I not only learned the discipline and etiquette that is deeply engrained in martial arts traditions, but I also gained a physical outlet for that energy. As life has gone on I have continued to learn and share the martial arts skills that I have collected. I choose the word ‘collected’ as they are as precious as gold to me, and globally acknowledged. As fellow martial artists know, these skills go far beyond the physical capability for defense and transcend into the emotional and spiritual realms. Furthermore, the internal energy that we develop can be used for good (God centered) or for evil. In my experience, as a whole, martial artists are people of integrity that use their skills for good. After a life-time dedicated to training in the martial arts I can say that I am blessed to be able to surround myself with those of like-mind and good purpose.

  • Began martial arts training 1975
  • Illinois State Judo Champ 1977
  • Colorado State Taekwondo Champ 1986
  • Open Weapons Champ 1987
  • National Level Referee United States Taekwondo Union 1987
  • Pan Am Level Referee – United States Taekwondo Union 1990
  • US Olympic Team Trials Judge 1992
  • Certified US Taekwondo Instructor 1993
  • Colorado State Taekwondo Union “Instructor of the Year” – 1994
  • Promoted to Master Instructor 2002
  • Founded Ki Martial Arts Centers 2003
  • Mike Swain Judo / Yudo Certified Instructor 2004
  • Executive Director of the World Hapkido Association 2004 – 2007
  • Promoted to Secretary General of the WHA 2007 – 2016
  • Host for the WHA Ultimate Hapkido Summer Training Camp 04, 06, 08, 10
  • Host for the WHA Ultimate Hapkido Winter Training Camp 2003-Yearly
  • Law Enforcement – Defensive Tactics Certified Instructor (POST-OSS)
  • Hapkido Instructor of the Year – WHFSC INTERNATIONAL 2006
  • Master Instructor of the Year – World Hapkido Association – 2008
  • Co-Founder of Strategic Defense Options (SDO) 2011
  • Trained & Taught at seminars throughout the US and Internationally in Austria, Brazil, Canada, India, Korea, Morocco, & Russia
  • Guest Defensive Tactics Instructor for Federal Law Enforcement – Ft. Carson Army Base, State of Oklahoma Police Academy – CLEET, Local agencies – Colorado, Nevada, Utah.
  • Red Cross Certified First Aid, AED & Supplemental O2
Danny action

Mr. Dan Kapustka

Daniel “Dan” Kapustka grew up in the mountains of Colorado. As a devout Roman Catholic, avid outdoorsman and martial artist, he has always had a deep appreciation for the more disciplined and aesthetical lifestyle. He began his career in martial arts nearly 13 years ago with Grandmaster Doug Fuechsel in Carbondale, CO. After training and then teaching Taekwondo under Grandmaster Fuechsel for several years, Dan began what he hopes to be a lifelong a career with the locally owned and operated Alpine Bank as a commercial lender.

As a part of a small-town Colorado bank, he seeks to improve his community through supporting the efforts of local organizations and individuals and shares a particular passion for those devoted to self-improvement and education. In his role as a lender, he is able to assist in making possible many of the dreams and passions of his fellow community members. As martial arts was central to his early development, both personally and professionally, he remains devoted to seeing the very same practice and way of life benefit young people on their journey to a higher education and the realization of each of their dreams.

Personal Mission Statement:
Lead like a servant, serve like a king. Do all things for the glory of Christ Jesus.

My past work history and educational background has been a mixture of disciplines, and throughout the journey thus far, discipline is the very thing that I strove to improve and make paramount in my own professional practice. After my undergraduate in Graphic Design, I moved to the Roaring Fork Valley where I trained and taught Taekwondo and various other styles under Grandmaster Doug Fuechsel. Concurrently, I utilized my graphic design education to perform freelance work across the board for a variety of clients from local businesses to multinational organizations such as The World Bank and Lockheed Martin. After several years, I migrated more fully into the sphere of business becoming a Commercial Lender and Banking Officer for Alpine Bank, a Community Bank located in the State of Colorado. This diverse background provides a well rounded foundation with a broad spectrum of necessary skills and knowledge which allows for optimal application to not only business but also to leadership.

Fort Lewis College Bachelor of Arts - Graphic Design
Durango, Colorado Graduated December 2013 My education in Graphic Design included significant study in both the fields of Business Administration and Marketing. In 2013, I was awarded the Senior Graphic Designer Award. This award was bestowed upon me by the Chair of the Faculty of the Arts for excellence and achievement among the senior graphic designers in the institution. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in the winter of 2013.

Employment History:
PRO TKD Martial Arts Center Kyosa - Assistant Instructor:
Carbondale, Colorado January 2013 - December 2015 As the Kyosa to Grandmaster Fuechsel, I was responsible for a wide variety of tasks from instruction and operation of various classes and programs to the organization and facilitation of events and seminars. This role, as well as my 13 years of training, have taught me the value of discipline and ethics in the practice of not only business but relating to and working with people.

Alpine Bank Banking Officer:
Breckenridge, Colorado January 2016 - Present Working with Alpine Bank for the past three years has taught me much about banking, interpersonal skills, personal development and business in general. My role as the Banking Officer in the Breckenridge branch requires not only comprehensive knowledge of the operations of the branch, but also commercial and consumer lending. In addition to these roles, I am tasked with the leadership of the branch staff as well as their own improvement and support. The job description is as broad as necessary to ensure that the branch is functional as well as efficient and that the work environment is the best that it can possibly be. I thoroughly enjoy this role and this organization and intend to make Alpine Bank a lifelong career.


Ms. Jenah Fuechsel

Jenah Fuechsel was born into a Taekwondo family, spending her formative years in Colorado Springs going between the Olympic Training Center and US Taekwondo Center with her father, Grand Master Doug Fuechsel. She grew up being involved in Taekwondo's Olympic Debut, PRO-TKD's television debut and now looking forward to being apart of Taekwondo's educational scholarship debut. She brings to the team her talents in event planning, hospitality, administrative and social media experience.